Peaky Blinders Season 5 release date, cast and everything you need to know!

Peaky Blinders, the show that won millions of hearts is all set to make a return on TV!

If you haven’t watched the show, this is what it’s about-

Britain is a mixture of despair and hedonism in 1919 in the aftermath of the Great War. Returning soldiers, newly minted revolutions and criminal gangs are fighting for survival in a nation rocked by economic upheaval. One of the most powerful gangs of the time is the Peaky Blinders, run by returning war hero Thomas Shelby and his family. But Thomas has bigger ambitions than just running the streets. When a crate of guns goes missing, he recognizes an opportunity to advance in the world because crime may pay but legitimate business pays better. Trying to rid Britain of its crime is Inspector Chester Campbell, who arrives from Belfast to try to achieve that goal.

IMDB– 8.8


The first trailer for Peaky Blinders Season 5 was released on 30 July.

So, when is it releasing?

The BBC announced that this show will make a return on televisions on the 25th of August at 9 PM. The main big change regarding the airing of this show is that it will now be airing on BBC ONE rather than BBC2.

Peaky Blinders

 Which of the cast will be returning?

Cillian Murphy will, of course, be back as Tommy Shelby.

Paul Anderson (Arthur Shelby), Finn Cole (Michael Gray), Sophie Rundle (Ada Thorne) and Helen McCrory (Polly Gray) are also all set to return.

What will this season be about?

According to the BBC’s official synopsis, “Series five of Steven Knight’s crime family saga finds the world thrown into turmoil by the financial crash of 1929. Opportunity and misfortune are everywhere. When Tommy Shelby MP is approached by a charismatic politician with a bold vision for Britain, he realizes that his response will affect not just his family’s future but that of the entire nation.”


Will this be the last season?

While it was initially believed that season 5 would mark the end of this remarkable story, that is NOT the case. Fans can expect a season six and seven, as confirmed by writer Steven Knight after the programme won a BAFTA for Best Drama Series.

“My ambition is to make it a story of a family between two wars,” he explained, “So I’ve wanted to end it with the first air raid siren in Birmingham in 1939. It’ll take three more series to reach that point.”







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