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Stranger Things 3: favourite characters, predictions and more!

This article contains major SPOILERS!

So, in this article, we will be talking all about the brand new season of stranger things. We will be sharing our views on some of the most asked questions about stranger things! Yes, this is an entire blog post devoted only to Stranger Things 3!

So, let’s get on with it!

Characters You Fell in Love With This Season-

I already loved him but… Steve. I love him. So freaking much. He and Robin’s banter was
hilarious and his friendship with Dustin made me so happy.
I also fell in love with Robin: she is such a badass, she’s smart, funny and so freaking cool!
One character I didn’t think I would like was Nancy, but WOW this season she was powerful,
in charge, fearless. Absolutely loved her.

Favorite Episode

Episode 1. Episode 1 was my favourite. It was fun to see the kids being happy and carefree,
all caught up in their relationships and friendships. I liked the atmosphere of “the calm before
the storm”, like Dustin coming back, Mike and Eleven, Nancy jumping out of Jonathan’s
window, Max and Lucas, Will and D&D…
It was lighthearted and fun and it warmed my heart. I have to say I loved episode 2 as well. I
loved what Max said to Eleven about being her own person outside of Mike.
Best relationship (friendship, romance…)

Dustin and Steve. No doubt.
I love love love their friendship. It’s so freaking cute!!! Definitely my favorite.

Moment That Made You Cry

I really didn’t think I was going to cry watching Stranger Things. It’s not a show you associate
the most with “crying”: that is what This Is Us is for. But listening to Hopper’s voice reading
the speech he was meant to say to Eleven was it for me.
I bawled my eyes out, tears down my face and down my neck. I was truly devastated by it.

These were some of the questions answered by Georgia @

Now, below are the questions answered by us.

Billy’s character:

To be very frank, if you would have told me that Billy is dead in season 2, I would have said, “oh okay, its not like I care”, mainly because he was such a jackass in season 2. But, what happened in the last episode of season 3 absolutely changed my view and I actually felt bad for him. After getting to know what really happened with him as a child, and after he saved Eleven and all the kids from the monster in the mall, I began to love Billy as a character. But, it was too late- The monster had killed him. I had nothing but tears in my eyes after that powerful moment where Billy tries to stop the Demogorgon with his bare hands. This was one of the best scenes in the whole series, no doubt.


Thoughts on the main characters (“The party”)-

Stranger Things

The main characters, consisting of Mike, eleven, max, Lucas, Dustin and Will) have now grown into teenagers. I’m not gonna lie, it is kinda awkward to see them as teenagers as in season 2, they were just little kids! With everybody grown up, they now talk about things like “relationships” “life decisions” “making out” boyfriends and girlfriend, love etc. instead of talking about stupid board games such as dungeons and dragons and other childish stuff. Nonetheless, the characters are still pretty admirable and without them, the show would have not been as good as it is.


Will there be a season 4?


By the looks of it, it looks like there is going to be a season 4. This is because the creators cannot leave the show after ending season 3 with such a mysterious cliff hanger. The major questions at the end of season 3 were…

“ Is Jim Hopper really dead?”

“ who is ‘the American’ that the Russian guards mentioned?”

“ How is the demo-dog still alive?”


Season 4 predictions:-

Season 4 could potentially be the LAST season of stranger things series. We might see all the characters one last time. Sad, I know! But, don’t worry, nothing is confirmed yet! There has also been news that in this season, the action will be outside the small town of Hawkins. In an interview, Matt Duffer said “It’s going to open up a little bit, not necessarily in terms of scale, in terms of special effects, but open up in terms of allowing plotlines into areas outside of Hawkins.”

Finally, the mysterious “American” will have a big role in the storyline of season 3


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